Composing to picture, from commercials to trailers to full-length feature films, from writing on my own to leading full orchestras.

Music Collaboration

Co-song-writing, bringing projects to fruition, working with directors and producers- I do it all the time!

Performance — Touring and Studio Work

Horn sections, Irish whistles, Wind Controller (a chameleon of sorts), or any of a variety of instruments.

Guest Clinician

Over the years, I’ve spoken in a variety of settings, from college composition classes (“Scoring from the MIDI studio”), to civic groups (“Behind the scenes of VeggieTales”) to school groups (“Careers in music”). With an education degree, I truly love communicating what I’ve learned with others.

Song Writing

Music writing and input on lyrics (I usually work with a lyricist).

MIDI and Live Orchestration Realizations

Creating orchestrations and soundscapes from your basic ideas.

Song/CD Production

7 GMA Dove Awards for production with VeggieTales, along with production for “3-2-1 Penguins”, Cambridge Road Ensemble, and Music City Strings.

Guest Band Director

As a former band director (working also with choirs and orchestras) who has experienced a wide range of musical careers, I bring a fresh insight to the podium.