Mark Hammond

“Kurt is my good friend, he’s also a great musician. Our work together has intersected with him recording a variety of live instruments for me, mainly exotic flutes and whistles from places in the world nobody can pronounce. But his music goes deep and wide. And whether flutes or a full score, he understands the magic, and he brings it”.
(Mark Hammond – Nashville Producer, Disney parks composer)

Paul Richardson

It is no exaggeration to say Kurt has handled each episode of the Superbook Series with masterful precision. If you have the opportunity to work with him – take it immediately.

Dennis Dearing

Whether it’s live string orchestration, string programming, live brass, flutes, whistles and even accordion, Kurt always takes my productions to another level. I can always count on him.

Tom Bancroft

I will always look good in the eyes of CBN because I introduced them to Kurt, They quickly fell in love with his epic scores that lifted their bible stories into the realms of the best cinematic scores.

Phil Vischer

Kurt is da BOMB. For 30 years, every musical idea I ever handed him came back BETTER. Give him your napkin scribble, you’ll get back a work of art. Seriously. 30 years. Never failed.

Sean Roche

Kurt’s innate understanding of how to take ‘notes’ from multiple sources, assimilate them, communicate back a defined musical plan, and then deliver on it to the satisfaction of everyone involved makes a producer’s job a dream.

Tim Hodge

I have collaborated with Kurt on numerous projects. He knows exactly what I’m looking for even when I don’t. When I need the perfect score, he’s the first person I call.