From his tuba playing on the “VeggieTales Theme Song” to his co-writing of songs like “The Hairbrush Song” and “His Cheeseburger”, Kurt has left his mark on children’s entertainment.

Kurt at Big Idea

About Kurt

The Sound of Big Idea

From its beginning 21 years ago, Kurt has been the creator of the sound that has defined the world-famous VeggieTales® and 3-2-1 Penguins® video series. His roles have encompassed song-writing, co-writing, scoring, arranging, performance, conducting, and production. He has composed for over 50 videos, a dozen CDs, and 2 major motion pictures, selling over 75 million videos/DVDs and over 5 million CDs. In his years with Big Idea, Kurt has never wanted to “dumb-down” his music by considering it only for children. He has always challenged himself, with his education background, to create a rich palette of sounds for both kids and the discerning adult! You’ll hear it in a myriad of styles, each true to its roots – from Dixieland, blues, and polkas to hard-core classical, 70’s and emotional scores. From his tuba playing on the VeggieTales Theme Song to his co-writing of songs like The Hairbrush Song and His Cheeseburger, Kurt has left his mark on children’s entertainment.

But … just when you think you’d type-cast Kurt as having to add tuba and accordion to every Silly Song he hears, he has gone a new direction. Kurt also writes and performs all the score for the CBN series “SuperBook.” Full of real tension and action, this series calls for a dramatic, over-the top soundtrack matching today’s top movies. (Not an accordion in sight …) Now in it’s fourth season, the first 40 episodes of these computer-animated Bible stories have already been translated into 19 languages and are broadcast worldwide through the CBN network. In addition, Kurt composes and produces for other music and film projects, and records his variety of instruments for fellow producers. He has recently completed the score to the highly-acclaimed documentary, “Is Genesis History?” and will continue with future projects related to this documentary.

Kurt grew up in a musical family, watching his mother play organ and direct church choirs, singing next to his father in church choir, being inspired by his two older brother’s trumpet and woodwind playing, and performing church solos on his trumpet beginning in junior high school. When Kurt writes, he draws from this life-long experience in all genres of music, from classical to jazz, folk to contemporary. When working independently and recording at the computer, he utilizes his diverse background in both synthesis and acoustic instruments to bring a rich and varied palette to his sounds. This includes his collection of brass, wind, and percussion instruments, along with the wind controller, literally breathing life into many of his sampled sounds. Kurt is equally comfortable writing for and conducting all-size groups. These range from string sections added to his own sequences, small wind ensembles, and choirs to orchestras including the 55-piece Seattle Orchestra and 80-piece City of Prague Orchestra, used in the motion pictures he has scored.