Kurt Heinecke

Not Just an Accomplished Musician

Kurt Heinecke has become a top-call Nashville photographer when a client needs their concert, artist, or live event documented. He has been trusted to capture once-in-a-lifetime events for hundreds of artists and clients, even including a Guinness world record. Kurt loves the challenge of stepping into unknown surroundings and capturing the moments that won’t happen again, in creative, emotional, and evocative ways. Kurt’s regular clients include The Nashville Symphony, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Premier Cruises, and the KLOVE Fan Awards. Every year Kurt photographs dozens of Nashville’s top entertainers, especially those in the Country and Insprirational/Christian genres, and also travels to other destinations to document events and locations. Kurt’s inspiration is to allow his clients to relive important events through his photography.

Kurt grew up fascinated with photography and quickly got serious over 2 decades ago when he was asked to photograph the world’s largest free airshow — the Chicago Air Show- for a group of pilots. This turned into a multi-year engagement, fueling Kurt’s desire to capture live events.

After reading and studying every photography book he could get his hands on, Kurt enrolled in an intense online course with esteemed photographer and author Bryan Peterson. Next Kurt spent several years under the tutelage of several of Nashville’s top wedding photographers, working his way up to a lead photographer position.

Kurt’s background as a professional musician has allowed him to work side-by-side with many famous artists, and he has learned to treat stars like regular people, and regular people like stars.

Kurt’s investment in today’s top equipment allows him to capture perspectives that leave others asking how he did that. This includes 4 full-frame bodies, an infrared body, a true 3-d camera, the option to capture HD video, and over a dozen lenses spanning the widest possible angles to large telephotos that allow you to count your favorite artist’s eyelashes.